album album The Ings 28815453 Looking from the footbridge downstream 28815454 The weirpool 28815429 Good bag of Pike on deadbaits 28815431 The best one at 17lbs. 28815456 Nice 8 pounder. Last cast 18.7.07 to win the evening match. 28815457 Getting more common 7lb common from the Ings 12.8.07 28815459 10lb Pike Caught in the Wilderness by Darren. 28815460 Freds 6 pounder Part of Freds matchwinning catch 10.8.08 28815432 Andy's 6 pounder Caught on the sewage works car park peg 28815433 Andy's 8 pounder Another sewage works fish 28815461 Canal match net Double figure bag of roach and skimmers on the 3 clubs match 2008 28815434 Toms catch Another double figure catch on the 3 clubs match. 28815440 Sophies chub Caught while plugging for pike on the Ings 28815483 Still feeding 21.11.08 After losing two others on the stick float this 6 pounder fell to maggot feeder tactics behind the stables. 28815443 3lb Perch Winner of the Christmas match 2008 was Caleb Phillipson shown here with the best perch from an 8lb four perch haul. Well done. 28815491 Bank maintenance Clearing trees on the football field 34156364 Bank maintenance Taking a breather 34156365 Bank maintenance Strimming the undergrowth 34156366 Grange Park clubwater 38868842 Double figure barbel Rubbish photo but this fish was over 10lb. Caught on lobworm and taking fifteen minutes to land on 7lb line. 45221061 Sewage works bank clubwater 38868843 132108907 Adrian's Ings chub Nice chub off the Ings 170242628 Collingham Pike 192929377 Club water barbel 192929378 Still feeding in winter 192929379 5lb winter chub 192929380 Collingham chub 192929381 Another Collinghan chub 192929382 Late season beauty 192929383 Early season wilderness barbel 193863329 One of many barbel captured by Freddie 196362742 Another of Freddie's barbel 196362743 Part of Terry' catch 198973619 The rest of Terry's catch 198973620 Neil's 5lb + chub Caught as one of a pair from Collingham 201139852 Neil's 5lb + second chub The second of a brilliant brace from Collingham 201139853