Saturday Matches:2018/2019

Sat 24th March - Poppleton Horseshoe

Sat April 28th - Brafferton Ghost

Sat May 26th - Poppleton Horseshoe

Sat June 23nd Brafferton F1

Sat July 28th - Poppleton Horseshoe

Sat August 25th Brafferton Match


1st Kevin Bell 209lb

2nd Paul Lewis 208lb

3rd Steve Snaithe 177lb

Sat September 22nd - Poppleton Railway


1st Kevin Bell 119lb

2nd Rob Whitehead 77lb

3rd Darren Erdington 45lb

Sat October 27th - Brafferton Ghost

Sat Nov 24th - Poppleton Horseshoe

Sat Dec 22nd - Brafferton Spring


10 Anglers fished 

1st Kevin Bell 56lb

2nd Steve Snaith 26lb

3rd Rob Whitehead 21lb

Sunday Matches:2018/2019

Sun 14th January  Grange Park

Sun 4th February  The Ings 

 Sun 4th March Pike Match meet at the Ings 8.45AM

Sun 11th March Grange Park 

Sun 8th July - Grange Park 

Sun 5th Aug -Annual Match - Grange Park 

Sun 16th Sept - Grange Park 

Sun 14th Oct - Grange Park 

Sun 11th Nov- The Ings

Sun 9th Dec - Christmas Match - Ings/Grange Park.

Sun 13th Jan - 2019 - Grange Park

Sun 10th Feb - 2019 - Ings

Match List 2018/19

Evening Matches

 Wed 20th June - Grange Park.

Wed 27th June - Sewage works.

Wed 4th July - Grange Park.

Wed 11th July - Sewage works.  

Wed 18th July - Grange Park.

Wed 25th July - Sewage works.

Wed 1st Aug - Grange Park.

Wed 8th Aug - Sewage works.

Matches to draw at 6pm and fish 6.30 to 9.30pm except the last two which will fish until 9.00pm

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