Club Rules

Wetherby and District

Angling Club Limited


Company Registration Number: 4302968

Headquarters: The Sports Association, Wetherby. 






The Club Bailiffs have been instructed by the committee to retain the year book of any member not honouring the rules of the club.

Any Member so reported will be dealt with by the Committee.





The name of the Club shall be

The Wetherby and District Angling Club Limited

Company Registration Number 4302968

Whose registered office is situated at:

63 St James Street, Wetherby, LS22 6RS.




The general objects of the Club shall be to provide the   facilities of an angling club for its members, including the organization and provision of angling, and to promote the interests of angling and anglers, together with the securing of fishery water for its members; the preservation and breeding of fish; the protection of fry; small fish and  spawning fish; and the doing of such other things as from time to time shall be conducive to the sport of fishing and all the other objects described in the company memorandum.



(a)     There shall be not less than three nor more than four. Executive Directors of the Club, save a        corporate body may be sole trustee. The Trustees shall be N Sutton, A Stonehouse, P Broxham, and M. Marsh appointment of Trustee shall be by the committee.

(b)      Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation, or until removed from office by a resolution of the Committee



(c)      All property of the Club except cash, which shall be under the control of the Hon. Treasurer  including leases and fishing leases shall be vested in the Trustees to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time by resolution direct.

(d)      The Trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the club against any risk and expense incurred by them in pursuance of their office.



(a)     The club shall  consist of the following classes of    members, viz.:

(I)          Senior Members.

(ii)         Associate Members .

(iii)        Temporary Members.

(iv)        Life Members.

(v)        Junior Members.

(b)     Membership in any class may be limited by the     committee of management if considered         necessary.

(c)    Membership shall run from 1st MARCH to 28th         FEBRUARY inclusive each year, YEAR BOOKS cease to effective at 28th FEBRUARY, there after Members must be in possession of a new year Book or have renewed their subscription if wishing to fish from 1st MARCH  onwards.

(d)     All Members are subject to the rules described in the Handbook and those described in the    Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club.




(e)     In the event that the Club is wound up each        director must contribute towards the debts of the Club, such contribution shall not exceed £1.00.






(a)    Any angler resident within five miles radius of  Wetherby Town Hall (excluding Boston Spa) shall be eligible to become a Member of the Club on application to the Yearbook Secretary.

(b)     Every new candidate for Senior Membership may apply to the Yearbook Secretary without the need for an Application form. Admission to Senior Membership shall be by notification from the Yearbook secretary who may refuse any application without stating a reason.

(c)    Every applicant to Senior Membership shall be notified of his/her admission and upon paying the entrance fee and first annual subscription, he/she shall be a Member of the Club and shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the Rules and Bylaws of the Club.



(a)      Any Senior Angler resident outside the radius of five miles of Wetherby Town Hall  wishing to become a Member of the club shall  apply to the  Yearbook Secretary.

(b)      Application for Associate Membership should be by means of an application form as outlined in Senior Membership section. Rules as defined in 5 (a) and (b) shall apply.




The Committee shall have the power to elect Temporary Membership on such terms as they determine, viz,. Daily and Season Permits. (See Bylaws for details).




Life Members may be elected at any General Meeting of the Club upon a two-thirds majority vote of Members   present and voting.



Any young angler (age limit 16) shall be eligible to        become a Junior Member of the club upon submission of the appropriate application form to the Yearbook        Secretary. Such membership shall be subject to confirmation by the Yearbook Secretary.

Upon or prior to reaching 16 years of age those Junior       Members resident outside a five mile radius of Wetherby Town Hall ( but including Boston Spa) should apply to join the club as full Associate Members.



A Member having reached the age of 65 years can    apply to the Yearbook Secretary to be placed on the     Veteran Anglers List, and provided the following           conditions are met they will receive a membership book at the concessionary rate of £15.



(a)    The Member to have had five years unbroken   membership prior to their 65th birthday


(b)   Applications should be made when the 65th      birthday is reached and membership books will be issued in the February immediately following.

(c)      Renewal of membership will be by post only and must be made each year to the Yearbook Secretary and  be  accompanied by an  S. A. E.




(a)        Subscriptions:


                                       JUNIOR see web site.


(b)       The Annual Subscription payable by Members shall be as such as the members shall determine from time to time at the Annual General Meeting; It shall be payable on election to Membership. Thereafter the Annual Subscription shall be due by the last day of February each year and be paid to the Yearbook Secretary and must include a stamped     addressed envelope.

(c)       Any Member not renewing their Membership by 1st March each year shall be deemed to have let their Membership lapse, and must re-apply for         Membership in the normal way.

(d)      Any local Member having two years Membership who moves their residence outside the local area will  continue to be classed as a local member until they fail to renew  their subscription.

 (e)    Junior Members may transfer to senior status on       payment of a £10.00 fee at the age of 16; or retain  Junior Membership for the remainder of the        membership year.

(f)      Winter Yearbooks are available at a discounted rate of £15.00 to run from 1st  December to 14th March.




Senior Permits to non-members will be issued at a charge of £5.00 per day. Permits for juniors under the age of 16 will be issued at a charge of £3.00 per day.



A Member may resign his/her Membership at any time by   notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary, but a Member whose written resignation is received by the Hon. Secretary after his subscription for the current year has become due shall be  liable for their subscription for that year.



(a) The Committee shall expel from the Club (or       suspend Membership) of any Member for conduct which in their opinion is injurious or tends to be    injurious to the interests of the Club or its objects or its members or angling, but before expelling a Member the Committee shall inquire into their   conduct and they shall be given a reasonable   opportunity to defend and justify themselves either in writing or by appearing before the Committee as they shall elect, and the Committee’s  power to expel/suspend shall be on a majority vote of those present at the inquiry.

(b)       An expelled/suspended Member shall forfeit all                rights and privileges of Membership, but shall      remain liable for any dues or debts to the Club which become payable or were incurred before the date of expulsion/suspension







The Management of the Club shall be vested in the           Committee (except as otherwise provided by these rules). The Committee shall manage the affairs of the club. Financial and legal liability incurred in the rightful exercise of their office shall not, however be the personal liability of the member, but shall be responsibility of the Club as a whole.

All official documents of an important nature  belonging to the Club including Fishery deeds, Rental Agreements, a signed copy of the Club Constitution and Formation, together with official Papers and Historical Memorabilia shall be lodged with the bank or Solicitor for safe custody. Copies of such documents as necessary will be kept by the Honorary Secretary. In the event of document retrieval being necessary for legal purposes or research, a signed request by two trustees will be submitted to the custodian. In this instance these Trustees and any committee members entrusted with their custody will be personally  held responsible for the safeguarding and subsequent urgent return of the same documents to the appointed custodian.



A President, Vice-President, Chairman, Honorary          Secretary, Honorary Treasurer shall be elected annually at the Annual General meeting of the club after being     proposed and  seconded  and indicating their  consent, and shall be   ex-officio members of the committee.



(a)    The committee shall consist of Chairman, Hon     Secretary, Hon Treasurer, and not more than nine Senior Members of the club elected at an Annual General Meeting, and may in their discretion     invite any persons, whether Members or not, to attend any Committee meeting.

(b)    At the Annual General Meeting each year the  Committee last elected shall retire from office, but shall be eligible for re-election, when every Senior and Associate Member shall be entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies to (a) be filled, and in the case of two or more candidates receiving an equal  number of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second and casting vote.


(c)      Members of the Committee shall be elected only from Senior Members of the Club resident within a radius of five miles from Wetherby Town Hall (except Boston Spa) with the exception of two members who shall be elected from the Associate list (including    Boston Spa).

(d)    The Committee shall have the power to fill any    casual vacancy on the Committee, and any  Members so appointed shall retire at the next    Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for  re-election.

(e)       The Committee shall meet in at least eight months of the year to examine the accounts and arrange the affairs of the club, and minutes shall be taken of every meeting.

(f)     Every Member of the Committee shall become a Director of  Wetherby & District Angling Club      Limited. On election to the  committee and       resignation from the committee must complete the requisite company forms in order to keep the  statutory  company records of the club up to date.

(g)       The Honorary Secretary will also undertake the role of the Company Secretary of Wetherby & District Angling Club Limited. The Honorary Secretary will complete the requisite company forms in order to keep the statutory company records of the club up to date.




The Committee of Management shall have the power  to appoint Sub-Committees to consider any special business which may, from time to time, arise, and such              Sub-Committees shall report to the  Committee of      Management at its next meeting.



(a)      The Bylaws set out in the Appendix to these Rules and any Bylaws made under paragraph. (b) Of this Rule shall be binding upon the Members until repealed by the Committee or by a resolution of the Annual General Meeting, subject to any amendment made under paragraph. (b) Of this Rule.

(b)    The Committee shall from time to time make,   repeal or amend all such Byelaws as they deem expedient (provided that they shall not be in   consistent with these Rules) to take effect unless set aside at an  Annual General Meeting.






The financial year of the Club shall run from 1st October and end on the 30th September. The accounts shall be duly prepared and submitted to the Annual General  Meeting in November. 



The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on the fourth Wednesday in November of each year to      receive and consider the reported accounts and annual balance sheets prepared by the Hon. Treasurer, to      appoint officers and members: to fill vacancies on the Committee; and to decide on any resolution submitted by the Committee or under Rule 22.




  1. Notice of the date, time and place of every     Annual General Meeting shall be advertised in the yearbook and on the club website.

  2. Notice of any resolution to be moved at the      Annual General Meeting unless recommended by the   Committee shall be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary  before the end of October and signed by the proposer and seconder. Any such resolution, after consideration by the Committee, shall be included in the business of the meeting and notice of it sent to each member of the club.

  3. Accidental omission to give notice to, or non     receipt of notice by, any Member under          paragraphs (a) and (b) of this rule shall not       invalidate any of the proceedings of the meeting.

  4. Associate Members are not allowed to propose or second any resolution motion at the Annual General     Meeting but  they may put forward a proposition in writing to the Secretary 28 days prior to  the Annual General Meeting to be brought before the     Committee, who may then bring the said proposal before the Annual General Meeting




The Committee of Management may, when it thinks fit,  instruct the Secretary to convene a General Meeting. Every General Meeting shall be held in accordance with the   procedure described in the articles of association



(a)      Quorum— Two Members shall form a quorum at any meeting.

(b)    At every General Meeting the Chairman, or in his/her absence the Vice-President, or in the absence of both, a Member elected  by the Members       present shall be entitled to vote  and in the event of an equality of votes the  Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

(c)   Except otherwise provided by the Rules, a          majority vote of the Members present and  voting shall carry any motion or resolution, save that no rule of the Club may be made, repealed or amended without a Notice of Resolution being included in the business of the Annual General Meeting.




(a)     The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Club Rules and By-Laws, and the decision of the Committee upon any Question of interpretation or on any matter affecting the club not provided for by the Rules or By-Laws shall be final and binding upon the Members.

(b)       In the Club Rules and By-Laws, where the   context permits, words importing the masculine shall include the feminine, and words importing the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa.







Anglers must keep close to the water’s edge and avoid any action that would bring disgrace upon  Anglers.

Anglers must themselves avoid, and must report to the   Secretary, any other person or persons causing damage to property, fences or banks, interfering with game or          performing actions which might cause annoyance or loss to owners or farmers.



(a)      Anglers shall fish by legitimate methods and shall not take or attempt to take fish by fouling, snaring, snatching, setting trimmers, netting or night lines, bobbing, dibbing or other non-sportsman like   methods


(b)       Anglers shall use one rod and one line only at one time. When pleasure fishing, Members may use a second rod for Pike fishing only, provided that:

(i)             The rod is positioned not more than six feet                     distance from the first rod.

(ii)      Accepted Pike tackle is employed a line of 15lbs  minimum breaking strain together with a wire trace and FISH bait

(ii)       If live bait is to be used, it must be caught in the water being fished and not imported from a ‘foreign’ water all in accordance with E. A.         Regulations.




(c)      Anglers shall not take more than one brace of Trout on any one day. Minimum takeable size trout to be 11 inches.

(d)     Fork– type disgorgers must not be used to  extract hooks from fish.

(e)    Anglers shall not keep Trout in keep nets whilst  pleasure fishing. Upon conclusion of fishing, all coarse fish must be returned to the water.



(a)      The water between the weir and the middle bridge is reserved for Senior Members. Only      Members over 21 years of age, who may, subject to Bylaw 3(b) be accompanied by two junior members or one  angling guest whose permit must be obtained by the    member prior to fishing.


(b)      Bylaw 3(a) does not apply during the period from March 25th to June 15th Inclusive each year when this fishery is reserved for Fly Fishing, Senior     Members only, no juniors or guests allowed.


(c)      Grange Park Fishery (both banks) downstream from the middle bridge is reserved for  Members only, who may take one Angling Guest, whose  permit must be  obtained prior to fishing.


(d)     The Sewerage Works Fishery is reserved for Senior Members only who may take senior or junior Angling Guests whose permits must be obtained prior to fishing.

(e)      Members are responsible for the conduct of guests and Junior Members accompanying them on all Club waters.

(f)        On the day when a match is in progress there shall be no private fishing within the match area until  after the conclusion of the match.


(g)       No angling from the river bridges, or weir.




No Keep nets to be used during the coarse fish closed season (15th March to 15th June). Keep nets now used by Members whilst pleasure fishing or match fishing must not be less than six feet six inches minimum length.

The Club now implements the regulation of the              Environment Agency requiring Knotless Keep nets and Landing Nets. Metric size specification are now in force.

Nets must be at least two metres (six feet six inches) long; round nets should have a diameter of at least 350 mm (14 inches) and rectangular nets should be at least 350 mm x 250 mm (14 inches x 10 inches). The spacing between rings must be between 150 mm and 250 mm (6 inches and 10 inches) and the  diameter of the mesh between 2 mm and 15 mm (1/12 inch and 8/12 inch).

Members not complying with these regulations risk being turned away from Club Waters.



For Byelaws and restrictions relating to particular fisheries, please refer to the Club Fishery Section for details




All anglers must  now clear away litter  in their immediate vicinity BEFORE fishing and keep this area tidy. The       excuse that litter would be cleared away before leaving the water will not be accepted.




No Fishing after the hours of dusk. See appropriate Fishing Section for details.



When members wish to take Trout of limit size, they are asked to dispatch the fish immediately in a quick and     humane manner and not cause unnecessary suffering due to a prolonged death out of water.



Members are not allowed to take Grayling or Eels from Club      waters as they are coarse fish and must therefore be          returned to the water alive.



Members are not allowed to sail or launch water craft on any of the club waters controlled by the club.




Members are requested to inform the Yearbook Secretary of any change of address.




Tackle of any description found on the banks to be handed in to the Secretary.




Groups of Club Members are not allowed to fish organised matches, pegged down or otherwise on Club waters.



In the event of adverse conditions the match committee have the right to abandon the match or change the  venue.



A stamped address  envelope must be included with all year book and match applications. All cheques, money orders and Postal Orders must be made payable to the Wetherby & District Angling Club Ltd, and not to             individuals.




Members must carry their Club Book and Rod License when angling. All Senior Members and juniors age 12 years and above must have an Environment Agency Rod License. Any Member without the appropriate license will have their  membership withdrawn.



As a condition of Membership, Members and Day Ticket holders must  observe all warning signs and safety             requirements especially with regards to Overhead Power Lines. All Members and other persons who make use of club facilities and fisheries, or attend club matches do so at their own risk, and neither the club nor the Committee can accept any liability for any loss or injury of any kind          sustained during the pursuance of these activities.


Day ticket outlets:-


JT Rodgers, Seacroft, Leeds.

Wetherby Sports Association, The Ings

Collingham Post Office.

J&M Wines, Beancroft Road,         Castleford.

Costa Coffee, Riverview Court, Wetherby.

Yorkshire Angling Ltd,,34-36 Camwal Rd, Harrogate








Fourth Wednesday in  November. Meeting to            commence 8.00 pm. A copy of the Clubs accounts will be made available before the meeting.



First Tuesday of each month at 8.00 pm. In the Sports Association, Wetherby.



In addition to Honorary Bailiffs retained by the Club, any Member holding a current year book is  authorised to stop and report any person fishing Club Waters without         recognized authority. So please spare a few minutes     before starting fishing, check anglers nearby and send them for tickets if necessary, this way you are not only safeguarding your fisheries, but also your subscription!



If you suspect pollution telephone The Fisheries   Officer,  E.A. Yorkshire Region. Telephone ( Free phone ): 0800 80 70 60 or contact the Club Water Protection Office,

M Marsh, D Richards.



The Club has a notice board in the Sports Association, Wetherby. So that any news or information which may be of benefit to Members can be quickly made available.

In the forthcoming season. You are advised to check the board for details of  news items.






Open:  March 25th-March 14th

Closed:  March 15th-March 24th

All dates inclusive



Wetherby Gregory Fishery– Left Bank 570 yards. This fishery extends from the weir downstream to the old A1 road bridge. Right bank 100 yards from weir to town road bridge. NOTE: No fishing or access from the right bank from the town road bridge to the old A1 bridge although wading and standing in the water is allowed.


.Wetherby Grange Park Fishery– Right Bank 1570 yards. This fishery extends from the middle road bridge downstream to peg 80 in Gunter Woods below the stables housing. Cars may be parked in Grange Park on the verge but not in the office area. Parking for between the bridges is through the five bar gate adjacent to the entrance to Grange Park and up to the end of the track. Parking for behind the housing length (pegs 70—80) is next to the hedge opposite the turning for the farm buildings just past the housing. There is space for one car in front of the pedestrian gate at the entrance to the fishery. Senior and Junior guests allowed, subject to Bylaw 3. Entrance to Grange Park by the road bridge over the A1. Members must not go through the housing development in Grange Park.



Wetherby Grange Park Fishery– Left Bank 1530 yards. This fishery is a continuation of the Gregory Fishery and      extends from the middle road bridge downstream to the Sewage Works Fishery. Cars may be parked adjacent to each of the two entrances. Senior or junior guests allowed, subject to Bylaw 3.


Wetherby Sewage Works Fishery-Left Bank 450 yards. This fishery is the full bank length of Wetherby Sewage Works from the car park downstream to the end of the sewage works fence. Access is via Watersole Lane, the entrance to the lane being directly opposite Rose Dene Farm on Walton Road. Reserved for Senior members but Senior or junior guests allowed, subject to Bylaw 3.

Members and their guests must at all times remain on the access path / riverbank and not stray into the works.


Wetherby Ings Fishery– Right Bank 2533 yards. This fishery  extends upstream from the weir as far as Collingham Wood. Night    fishing is allowed but restricted to Members only on this fishery  between the footbridge and swimming pool notice board. Parking at the swimming baths or in the lay-by’s on the A58.


Collingham Fishery– Right Bank 900 yards. This fishery    extends from Linton Road bridge downstream to the far end of Collingham Wood (excluding the field next to the church. This field has no bank access at all) to join the Ings section but not including the short section in front of the house in the wood.


Linton Ings Fishery-  Left Bank 450 yards. This fishery        extends from Scaur Bank Playing Fields upstream to the Golf Course. Each Senior Member is allowed angling guests whose permits must be obtained prior to fishing.




Aire and Calder Navigation Canal.


Sections of the navigation from the village of Heck down to Goole docks. Please see maps on Wetherby club website or website.


Heck—fishing on north bank from road bridge in village down to railway bridge.


Pollington— fishing on south bank from Pollington lock down to junction with  New Junction canal.


Beevers Bridge—Fishing on north bank from Southfield reservoir down to the New Bridge section.

New Bridge—continuation of above length down to the road bridge.


Rawcliffe Bridge— various sections on both banks around the village.


Goole—both banks above Goole docks at Goole.












For the season 2017/18 Wetherby AC are entering into an exciting partnership with Likely      Angling Association whereby limited numbers of members of both clubs can use each other’s waters free of charge. The system will allow two free day tickets per day to be accessed by Wetherby club members to fish any of Likely AA’s waters which include two ponds and a large stretch of the river Wharfe around Likely. This will commence 25th March 2017. The system will work on a first come first served basis as follows:-

1) Ring or email Mark Craven our yearbook     secretary with your name and yearbook number. Tel. 07807240839 or                email.

2) Your desired date will be confirmed/denied of its availability. If possible please give 48h advance notice.

3) If confirmed, the Likely angling information will be emailed to you(maps etc)

4) On the day of your visit to Likely, you must be in possession of your Wetherby yearbook so that their bailiffs can verify your visit.

5) This exchange is for fully paid up members of this club and will not cover angling guests or Wetherby day ticket holders.


Please note that more angling information is available at






Junior Members must not fish from the Weir, nor are they allowed to fish between the Weir and the middle road bridge unless accompanied by a Senior Member.


All fishing to be conducted from the river bank, no wading allowed, even when accompanied by a Senior Member.


Sewage Works  Fishery is reserved for Senior Members who can be accompanied by Junior guests .


Junior members are allowed to fish in the senior matches but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Juniors who enter matches are not allowed to enter the money pool.




Notification is not required for Club Matches—please just turn up—all welcome, except the Christmas Match.    Tickets for this match can be obtained from Kevin Bell, Please enclose S.A.E.

Application for this match must be made not later than the Wednesday prior to the event and be accompanied by an  S.A.E.  Match Details as Ticket.



Members are allowed to bring angling guests to all river matches subject to payment of a £5.00 fee to Match Secretary for a Day Ticket prior to commencement of the match.



To assist the Match Secretary, the Match Draw Time will cease promptly at the time shown in the match  programme.


Made for the first three places up to 20 anglers fishing, thereafter payout made for first four places.



1. One rod, line, hook no double or treble hooks     allowed.

2. Competitors may have as many rods  assembled or partly assembled, only one to be used.


3. All fish to be kept in Keep net and returned Alive to the water after weighing in. No DEAD fish to be weighed in



4. All fish to count except Sticklebacks, Pike and Shell Fish. Trout can count if in season.

5. A competitor must fish within one metre of his peg, but in the event of the river being in flood, the Match Committee shall decide if fishing between pegs is allowed.

6. Competitors must  not allow their hookbait to travel   down into the next peg or cast into the swim above or below.

7. Competitors may wade or stand in the water up to knee depth only.

8. Competitors may assist their neighbor in landing fish.

9. Any fish landed after the call of time shall be      eligible for weighing in if hooked during the        progress of the match.

10. On the signal to commence and cease  fishing, competitors will assist by shouting the signal to    others taking part in the match.

11. No second draw allowed, keep nets may be       positioned in the water and ground bait mixed and depth plumbed prior to start.

12. Competitors are requested to collect peg and any litter and return same to an official after the match.

13. Any competitor leaving their peg during the course of the match (except in the case of rule 9) may  be liable to be disqualified.







14. On the final whistle being sounded all competitors shall retire to the top of the bank (except          provided rule 10), leaving the fish in a keep net in the water, and shall there await the arrival of the Scales, when they may bring the fish from the  water for weighing, and there after immediately   return all fish to the water

15. Fish must not be rolled down the keepnet into the weigh net.

16. Keep nets must be not less than 6 feet 6 inches in length and be in accordance with Yorkshire Water Authority Regulations. (Bylaw   Rule 4).

17. Any Angler with litter at their peg will not be      allowed to weigh in.

18. Any Angler having grounds for complaint with  regards to the draw procedure shall make known there grievance to the Match Organiser and    Angler present before  completion of the draw.

19. Anglers drawing selected pegs on the match length will be required to act as scales person upon conclusion of the match. Any angler      drawing a ticket must accept this  ruling in order to fish the match. Disabled  anglers not included.

20. Any Angler having a viable health reason to    warrant assistance will be eligible for a near or early draw at all matches.


  Visiting Club Matches


Pegs 138 to 155 may be used by visiting Clubs for matches Check Notice Board for details or a sign will be posted on the riverbank.





To define this, one should stand with their back to the current and face towards the sea, the left hand becomes the left bank and the right hand becomes the right bank.



Open March 25th

Closes September 30th

(both days inclusive)



Opens June 16th

Closes March 14th

(both days inclusive)


No persons allowed to fish any of the clubs waters unless in possession of the appropriate licence.