Day tickets used cost one shilling.

There are costs for the bus fares to Collingham in the accounts which total 2 shillings 8 pennies for attendance of committee meetings.

Matches were run regularly with results being logged from 1922. There were no weights approaching anywhere near double figures on any venue fished from the Ouse to the Trent until well into the 1960's.

The earliest record book is first dated 14.8.1914 but inside the front cover is written "Book 2A". Where are books 2 or 1 ? if they existed. So it is possible that the club was founded before this date. 

Wetherby & District Angling club LTD

List of officers 2022


President: Peter Broxham


Vice Presidents: Peter Ziegler, Robert Sturdy.


Chairman: Darren Richards


Vice Chairman: Nick Olte


Hon Secretary: Andy Stonehouse,

07946 559556

27 Moorland Crescent, Leeds, LS17 6HY,


Directors / Committee:

Rob Whitehead

Nick Sutton

John Smith

Damian Knapper

Dale Hall

Mike Harrison

Mark Barrow


Match Secretary: Nick Sutton, 07770700326


Yearbook Secretary: John Smith, 07743115375

26 Hallfield Crescent, Wetherby, LS22 6JP, 


Treasurer: Rob Whitehead,


Please send all correspondence to Hon Secretary at above address.