Matches For: 2019/20

WADAC matches:

All Wetherby AC matches are open to present club members and any guests that they wish to bring. Pools are £10 all in for members Matches are run as an enjoyable days fishing and everybody is welcome. Just turn up on the day approx half an hour before the draw time or ring Kevin Bell on 07815161296 or 01937581603 for any detailed information.


This coming season (2019/20) we have arranged a total of ten stillwater matches.These matches are to be held on Saturdays, so please ring Kev on the above number to reserve your place. £20 all in.

Saturday Still water Matches 2019/2020


Saturday March 23rd Poppleton railway 


1st Kev Bell 97.48

2nd Pete Enright 62.16

3rd Tony Kozacek 48.36

 10 people fished 

Saturday April 27th Brafferton F1 middle

1st Paul Lewis 66lb

2nd Tony Kozacek 43lb

3rd Brian Gascoyne 30lb

six people fished 

Saturday May 25th Poppleton horseshoe

1st Kev Bell 132lb

2nd Brian Gascoyne 34lb

3rd Ewan Coleman 20lb


Saturday June 29th    Brafferton F1 middle

Kev Bell 121lbs

Brian Gascoyne 70lb

Ewan Coleman 36lb

Saturday July 27th Poppleton house lake


Saturday August 17th Brafferton F1 middle

Saturday September 21th Poppleton railway

Kev Bell 127lb

Rob Whitehead 124lb

Braib gascoyne 81lb


Saturday October 26th Brafferton ghost RH side + top

Saturday November 23rd Poppleton horseshoe


Saturday December 21st Brafferton spring LH side

Saturday April 25th 2020 Brafferton F1 middle

Saturday June 27th 2020 Brafferton F1 outside 1-20

Saturday August 15th 2020 Brafferton F1 middle

Saturday October 24th 2020 Brafferton ghost RH side + top

Saturday December 19th 2020 Brafferton spring LH side

Sunday Matches:2019/20

Sunday July 7th Grange park 

Sunday August 4th Grange park Annual match

Sunday September 22nd Grange park 

Sunday October 13th Grange park

Sunday November 10th  Ings 

Sunday December 8th ings-Grange park Fur and feather

Sunday 15th December Angling Trust Pike Qualifier Meet at Wetherby Sport Association 9am Draw 

Sunday January 19th 2020 Ings-Grange park


Sunday February16th 2020 Ings-Grange park 

Match List 2019/20

Evening Matches

Wednesday June 19th Grange park

1st Kev Bell 1lb 5oz

2nd Shaun Leighton 1lb 2oz

3rd Nick Olte 2oz 

5 Fished 

Wednesday June 26th Sewerage works

Wednesday July 03 Grange park

Wednesday July 10 Sewerage works

Wednesday  July 17 Grange park

Wednesday July 24 Sewerage works

Wednesday July 31 Grange park

Wednesday Aug 07 Sewerage works

Matches to draw at 6 pm and fish 6.30 to 9.30 pm except the last two which will fish until 9.00 pm

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