Match Rules:

Members are allowed to bring angling guests to all river matches subject to payment of a £5.00 fee to Match Secretary for a Day Ticket prior to the commencement of the match.

Draw time:

To assist the Match Secretary, the Match Draw time will cease promptly at the time shown in the match programme.

Pools Payout:

Made for the first three places up to 20 anglers fishing.

Therefore, payoout made for the first four places.

Match Rules:

1: One rod, hook no double or treble hooks allowed.

2:Competitors may have as many rods assembled or partly assembled, however only one can be used at a time. 

3:All fish to be kept in Keep net and returned alive to the water after weighing in. No dead fish to be weighed in.

4:All fish count except sticklebacks, Pike and shellfish. Trout can count if in season.

5:A competitor must fish within one metre of his peg, but in the event of the river being in flood, the Match Committee shall decide if fishing between pegs is allowed.

6:Competitors must not allow their hookbait to travel down too the next peg or cast into the swim above or below.

7:Competitors may wade or stand in the water up to knee depth only.

8:Competitors may assist their neighbour in landing fish.

9:Any fish landed after the call of time shall be eligible for weighing only if hooked during progress of the match.

10:On the signal to commence and cease fishing, competitiors will assist by shouting the signal to others taking part in the match.

11:No second draw allowed, keep nets ay be positioned in the water and ground bait mixed and depth plumbed to start.

12:Competitors are requested to collect peg and any litter and return same to an official after the match.

13:Any competitor leaving their peg during the course of the match (except in the case of rule 9) may be liable to be disqualified.

14:On the final whistle being sounded, all competitiors shall retire to the top of the bank (except provided rule 10), leaving the fish in a keep net in the water, and shall there await the arrival of the Scales. Only then are they able to bring the fish from the water for weighing, and immediately after return all fish to the water.

15:Fish must not be rolled down the keep net into the weigh net.

16:Keep nets must be no less than 6 feet and 6 inches in length and should be in accordance with Yorkshire Water Authority Regulations.(Bylaw rule 4)

17:Any angler with litter at their peg will not be allowed to weigh in.

18:Any angler having grounds for complaint with regards too the draw procedure shall make known their grievance to the Match Organiser and angler present before completion of the draw.

19:Anglers drawing selected pegs on the match length will be required to act as scales person upon conclusion of the match. Any angler drawing a ticket must accept this ruling in order to fish the match. Disabled anglers not included.

20:Any angler having a viable health reason to warrant assistance will be eligible for a near or early draw at all matches.