Sicklinghall Ponds

The Club is proud to Announce the ponds are now open to club members, please stick to the rules and speed limits when accessing the ponds your club book is on the line if you do not you have been warned. 

There is still work to be done but Ponds 1,2,3,are open to fish,NO NIGHT FISHING.

Rules Below

Please note this is a working farm and that livestock (sheep) are present and that any damage incurred to persons or tackle the Club and Owner is/are not liable, please make sure all gates are shut.

Carlston Hill Farm Ponds:


Comprising of 4 ponds at the bottom of Paddock House Lane, LS22 4BN.


Pond 1 - contains crucians, tench and rudd;


Pond 2 - contains bream, crucians, tench, roach and rudd;


Pond 3 - contains bream, crucians, tench, roach and rudd.


Pond 4 - re-dug to remove silt and bulrushes, this is being left to refill naturally and mature before stocking circa winter 2019/20.


During 2018, Committee members have been working with the Owner and the Environment Agency to provide a natural fishery in peaceful surroundings for the benefit of Members. We have received a stock of "true" crucians, which are slowly in decline in the U.K, mainly due to the lack of suitable habitat (i.e. old-fashioned farm ponds) and also their propensity to cross-breed with non-indigenous King carp. Thus we won't be stocking king carp, otherwise the crucians will gradually be replaced with hybrids!


This has been a great opportunity for WADAC to acquire still-waters so close to Wetherby, and has been the culmination of a long time search, so we hope Members will enjoy fishing for these beautiful rare fish in such peaceful natural surroundings.


The ponds are within a conservation area so all rules must be strictly adhered. Please see rules opposite :

Pond 1
Bar of Gold (Cruican)
New Platforms being installed
Tinca Tinca
Fishing for Crucian
Good catch on the ponds
Pond 2 fishing well
Another good bag  of silvers
Awesome view
Crucian true strain stocking
Crucian stocking
More from the netting
some of the fish from the netting
Pond 3
Part of the EA netting
built with love and skill
First Platform built
The Great Wall
The Likely Lads
The Lads hard at work
Pond 1
Pond 3
Pond 2
Pond 2
Thanks to the EA with help netting the p
Plenty of silver fish

Wetherby and District Angling Club

Fishery Rules

Carlston Hill Farm Ponds
Paddock House Lane
LS22 4BN

Comprising of 4 ponds, varying between 1/2 and 1 acre each these ponds contain bream, Tench, Crucians , roach and Rudd.

The following rules have been implemented to protect the fishery and the clubs assets, along with assurance that the fishery thrives and provides a pleasurable retreat for our many members.

  1. Parking is restricted to the gravel carpark only

  2. The ponds are restricted to members only, no day ticket or day membership is permitted (even if accompanied by a member)

  3. Keep nets are permitted under the following strict conditions, minimum length 2 meters – silver fish mesh nets only – all nets MUST be laid out to dry for 30 minutes prior to fishing (even if it is raining)

  4. When returning fish held in keep nets, they must be returned by folding the last ring inside out and lowered into the water, under no circumstances should fish be rolled down and out of the keep nets.

  5. Strictly no transferring of fish between ponds

  6. Barbless hooks only

  7. No braided line

  8. No cat meat

  9. No boilies

The following bait limits will apply per fishing session:

Ground bait – 1 pint (wet mix) including paste mixes

Feed pellets – 1 pint (micro and 4mm only)

Corn – 2 tins maximum

Luncheon meat –  2 tins maximum

Bread – liquidised ½ pint (dry mix)

Hemp/Tares – 1 pint

Maggots, pinkies and casters – 2 pints

Worms – ½ Kg limit

Any members observed/caught failing the above rules will have their membership suspended. Appeals can be made to the committee in line with the club rules